Hybrid Power Plant

I drive to my local petrol station and fill up with 50 litres of wind…!!!

Utopia?  No, a realistic product of our hybrid generation facility - the first of its kind in the world.  Wind energy transformed into hydrogen, which is much easier to store.

In this way renewable energy can be 100% flexible and can be used when and where it is needed.  Try it out for yourself at the world's first CO²-neutral filling station, opened in the centre of Berlin at the end of of 2011, or at the new Berlin Brandenburg International airport due to open in 2013.










Grafik: Römer

Wind energy
Wind energy plants: Three wind energy plants with 2 MW nominal power each are directly electrically connected with the electrolysis system via medium voltage cable. This medium voltage cable is integrated in the medium and high voltage grid, which feeds directly into the 220 kV extra-high voltage grid of 50 Hertz Transmission GmbH via the Bertikow transformer station.
Power grid
Power grid: The always clean wind power of the hybrid power plant travels across ENERTRAG’s own feeder network with one 220/110 kV and six 110/20 kV transformer stations directly into the European power grid to the consumer.
Hydrogen generation: The heart of the first hybrid power plant is a 500 kW pressure electrolyser that generates oxygen and hydrogen from the wind power through the electrolysis of water. It can be used flexibly at any time depending on the demand and the wind situation. If there is enough wind, for example, so that energy will exceed demand, then the wind power will flow into the electrolyser that can make wind storable.
Combined heat
and power units
Combined heat and power unit: Another wonderful invention because what do people need? Electricity and heat, and both are delivered by the combined heat and power unit as part of our hybrid power plant. It runs with a mixture of our wind hydrogen and biogas. 100% carbon-neutral and flexible depending on the demand.
Mixing valves
Mixing valves: Wind stored in the form of hydrogen is mixed with biogas to again generate electricity and this time heat as well. As always, it all depends on the right mixture. The ideal mixture of biogas and wind hydrogen can double the output.
Hydrogen storage: The wind is "captured" here and stored in the form of hydrogen. The gas can even be kept available in existing natural gas storage facilities before it is again converted into electricity or used as pure fuel, if needed.
District heating
District heating: The combined heat and power unit part in our hybrid power plant generates electricity. The resulting heat or thermal energy goes directly into the residential buildings through a heat-insulated pipe system and is perfect for heating or hot water preparation.
Biogas storage
Biogas storage: The hybrid power plant produces electricity on demand by mixing biogas with stored wind in the form of hydrogen. Biogas is the result of fermentation of biomass like liquid manure, plants or the contents of your organic waste collection bin.
Fuels: Alternative drive forms make sense only if their "fuel" is gained CO2-free. Our wind hydrogen will be available at the first CO2-free filling station of the world after the new airport Berlin-Brandenburg has been opened.


The first stone…

For the construction of the first-ever hybrid power plant the German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel laid the first stone in Prenzlau (Brandenburg) in April 2009.

This technology is an important progress for the energy sector which enables the storage of wind energy and the adequate feed-in into the grid.

Take a look at the first filling of a hydrogen tank car: photo gallery