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ENERTRAG Energieprojekte

From Planning to Operational Approval

Wind energy conversion only makes sense for operators and consumers if it is economical.

Project development with an investment volume of more than 2,1 billion euros have shown us just how to do this. Professional planning is the most important tool – starting with the choice of location and turbine layout, through the limitless variety of approval processes all the way to turbine selection and grid connection.

We welcome energy projects in any stage and will help you turn them into a success.




Maintenance and Repair

With our service, everything runs like clockwork, and around the clock. 

More than 95 employees at the headquarters and at 16 locations manage 1.400 of our own and third party wind turbines. 

Our team has twice the know-how:  that of a turbine manufacturer and that of an operator. Maintenance, inspection, preventive servicing and repair together with unique live and online monitoring technologies all ensure the economic success of turbines at calculable costs.

[Translate to English:] ENERTRAG WindStrom GmbH

Technische u. kaufmännische Betriebsführung, Inspektionsstelle

[Translate to English:] Die Windkraft-Optimierer: Wir bieten kaufmännische und technische Kompetenz aus über 20-jähriger Erfahrung in der Betriebsführung von EEG-Anlagen und Umspannwerken. Hoch qualifizierte, engagierte Mitarbeiter sorgen 24/7 dafür, dass die über 1.400 betreuten Energieanlagen Höchstleistungen liefern.

Erfolgsfaktoren dabei sind transparentes Reporting, laufende Ertragsoptimierung und zustandsorientierte Instandhaltung.

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ENERTRAG Energiebau

Construction and power grids

As a general contractor we construct energy production facilities and power grids for renewable energy. Our construction experience follows through to delivering technical handovers and full commissioning.

Our experience and knowledge is demonstrated with more than 667 wind turbines installed, and the creation of our own grid with 110 kilovolt lines and a 410 MW transformer station with direct connection to the European high voltage integrated network.

Here you have all services under one roof.

ENERTRAG Energiedienst

Monitoring and Operational Management

Highest reliability: We can feel the pulse of every wind turbine at any time.

From the European control room in Uckermark’s Dauerthal, we keep an eye on all 1.400 wind turbines around the clock. The engineers are equipped to optimally control turbines, prevent downtime and ensure operative efficiency. They are supported by the specially developed PowerSystem programme that delivers all online data, status reports and site specific history.



ENERTRAG EnergieInvest

Funds and Investors

Today, more and more private investors are looking for meaningful and sustainable investments. 

ENERTRAG EnergieInvest designs and sells wind energy funds and looks after the investors. They benefit from innovative ideas with a balanced risk-return ratio, integrated control optimisation and comprehensive safety systems while simultaneously actively practicing environmental protection.

Successful creation and management of 20 closed wind energy funds have created investment capital of more than 132 Mio. EUR.  This is proof of our success. Be a part of it.

ENERTRAG Systemtechnik

Accessoires, Components and Lighting Systems

Wind turbines that only light up when they have to, and control their own brightness with visual range measurement: Ice sensors that ensure early and safe operation once the blades have defrosted. 

We research, develop, test and produce components for wind turbines by drawing on our wealth of knowledge and the requirements of all our other corporate divisions. 

Our technologies will give you safety, approval and publicity.

ENERTRAG PowerSystem

Management Software

Being there is everything. Because only fit and functional wind turbines will produce electricity, we want to know how the turbine is behaving at all times. 

The PowerSystem programme developed by ENERTRAG allows 24/7 access and observation. This comprehensive maintenance system is aimed at maximum turbine availability. Online data, automatic status monitoring, inspection intervals as well as a knowledge database with all turbine records, and much more.

ENERTRAG EnergieZins

Fixed-interest Loans and Securities

We have created ENERTRAG EnergieZins to promote the expansion of renewable energies and let investors participate in success without the involvement of closed funds. Fixed-interest bonds and other issues of securities meet the strictest requirements for safety and implementation. 

The high rate of recommendation by, and the reinvestment of, our customers is both confirmation and incentive to relieve the environment. This benefits all of us - help us to do more.

ENERTRAG services and products

ENERTRAG provides every discipline in the production chain of wind energy. The overview shows our individual services and products.

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