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ENERTRAG is a European energy supplier specialising in sustainability by generating electricity exclusively from renewable sources – mainly from wind energy. Today, we number among the leading wind energy suppliers with 667 wind turbines installed and 2,9 billion kilowatt hours of electricity produced per year – enough to meet the household demands of more than one million people. That alone saves about 1,9 million tons of CO², 297 tons of nitrous gases and 27 tons of fine particles a year according to the calculation of the German Ministry for the Environment. ENERTRAG, with about 460 employees, currently combines all the competencies that are required for the successful operation of wind farms and for the generation and supply of renewable energy. From planning, technological development, financing, constructing and operating right through to transmitting via its own power grid including substations and Europe-wide interconnection, ENERTRAG is one of the few companies worldwide that provides every required link in the production chain of sustainable wind energy. As an independent service provider, ENERTRAG additionally offers a comprehensive service network for its partners' wind farms.

ENERTRAG has been focussing on wind energy for more than 18 years and has - as is to be expected - a dynamic history:
1992 Planning and permitting of the first wind farm facilities still operated today by ENERTRAG
1993 Construction and commencement of operations of the first installations
1996 Initial co-operation between UCKERWERK Energietechnik GmbH and PROKON Nord GmbH
1996 Foundation of FUTUR 2 Gesellschaft zur Entwicklung von Gewerbe- und Kulturfläche mbH (later ENERTRAG Energiebau GmbH)
1998 Founding of ENERTRAG AG and bundling of all activities in construction, financing and maintenance
1998 Start of the sale of closed funds
1999 Strong growth and start-up of a number of wind farms
2000 Intensive engagement in France
2001 PROKON Nord receives approval for the first German offshore wind farm (Borkum-West)
2002 The Merdelou and Fontanelles wind farms are the first German wind energy projects in France
2003 Commissioning of the first 110 kV feeder network for renewable energy
2003 Commissioning of the world's first wind farm with rotor blade obstruction lights
2003 Construction approval for Cromer offshore wind farm in England
2004 Completion of the largest single ENERTRAG project to date, the Randowhöhe wind farm
2005 ENERTRAG obtains the contract for the first offshore project in France - Côte d'Albâtre
2005 ENERTRAG Energiebau GmbH is merged into ENERTRAG AG
2006 ENERTRAG Service founded as the first major manufacturer-independent service company
2009 Official foundation stone laid for the first hydrogen-wind-biogas hybrid power plant in the world
2010 JV Agreement for the Hydrogen Hybrid Plant is completed (ENERTRAG, TOTAL Deutschland GmbH, Deutsche Bahn AG und Vattenfall Innovation Europe GmbH)
2010 Inauguration of the La Motte wind farm (Pas-de-Calais, France)
2010 Planning consent awarded for 8 turbines at the Remigny wind farm (Picardy, France)
2011 ENERTRAG voted onto the advisory council of the German Hydrogen Association
2011 Public launch of ENERTRAG’s own PowerSystem software
2011 World’s first commercial Hybrid Plant – Hydrogen-Wind-Biogas – is inaugurated and begins production (Brandenburg, Germany)
2012 ENERTRAG successfully installs a Nordex N100 with 140m hub-height (Saxony-Anhalt, Germany)

ENERTRAG - Die Windkraft

The technology for generating wind energy is becoming more and more effective. Providing 6.5% of nation total power requirements, it is currently the largest sustainable energy source in Germany. But a lot more has to be done to make our country even more independent from oil and gas imports. 100% of all uranium is imported from abroad, while the question of its disposal is still open not only on a national level. Coal is mined here in part but its high CO² emissions cannot be kept out of the atmosphere at affordable prices. But the expansion of wind energy also needs more than that: more storage capacity, higher grid volume, more intelligent and demand-oriented solutions. We know that we feed lots of clean electricity into the grid when it's windy and that we have to resort to conventional sources when it's not. We do not want to slow down the expansion of renewable energies with the lack of infrastructure. We feel called upon to build not only the most advanced wind energy plants, but to also ensure the storage of the generated CO²-free energy and its availability and allocation. Just as our electricity is environmentally compatible, we want to do everything to ensure that neither humans, nor animals or plants are harmed. That is why we are developing state of the art technologies like the hybrid power plant, the PowerSystem or wind turbines that switch on their lighting only if flying objects approach during the night.

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