Operations & Service

To turn good ideas and interesting projects into reality, there are many busy people at ENERTRAG using lots of accumulated experience to complete tasks, solve problems, and build the future.

Our specialised experts install wind turbines, entire power grids and transformer stations, or revolutionary new technological developments like the hybrid power plant.

From project planning to commissioning, we cover everything that is necessary, alongside our regional service providers. We monitor the ongoing operation of our own and also third-party owned turbines around the clock by implementing the latest technologies. This eliminates expensive downtime or keeps losses to a minimum.

Our Wind Farms

Landkarte als Symbolbild für Windfelder


"Don't put your hand into the fan," parents preach on hot days. No matter how cold or hot it is, here you can click on our wind farms without risking injury to see where they are and above all, how much electricity they are generating right now.

current production from our wind farms

Construction and Grids

You too can benefit from the experience gained building more than 667 wind turbines, and from the creation of our own renewable energy grid (with 110 kilovolt line and a 410 MW transformer station) connecting directly to the European high voltage transmission network.

Monitoring and Operation

Reliable: From our control room, we keep an eye on every single wind turbine at all times. The engineers have all the information and expertise to optimally control turbines and prevent downtime.

This first-class operational management is supported and partly made possible by our own PowerSystem software programme.

Maintenance and Assembly

More than 95 employees at 16  locations monitor 1.400 turbines (our own and those of customers and partners) non-stop; 24/7.

Independent maintenance, inspection, preventive servicing and repairs, and overseen by our unique live monitoring technologies, all ensure optimal operation.