Project Development

Vision, reason and responsibility are the basis of sustainable corporate development.

These characteristics are demanded by our projects every day because from finding a green field site to actual production of clean electricity the passage of time brings change and the need for constant re-asessment. On the other hand our experts have today to answer many questions to find suitable solutions for a sustainable energy supply tomorrow.

How do we store wind energy, how do we integrate wind farms into our existing energy industry and where are the most suitable areas for sustainable and economic energy supply?

Our teams are working on the answers with great focus and precision. Together, for instance, we are developing the world’s first hybrid power plant and also radar controlled technology to reduce the need for collision avoidance lighting on wind turbines.

The Hybrid Power Plant


How do you store wind energy? Our solution is the world’s first hybrid power plant. It generates energy that is completely CO2 neutral: Electricity, heat and hydrogen. Either for use directly as fuel for mobility or for storage for later power generation, hydrogen is perfect for flexible and clean energy storage.

Information on the Hybrd Power Plant  

Planning and Approval

Professional project development combined with vision is the most important tool.

Starting from site location through to technical layout, the limitless variety of approval processes all the way to turbine selection and grid planning are the challenges that we master.

International Projects

Landkarte als Symbolbild für Windfelder


CO2, and particulates, etc. know no borders and the energy grids link all of Europe and beyond.

ENERTRAG are developing quality projects to satisfy these requirements;  with the highest concentration in Germany, France, UK, Poland and other countries

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Components and Technology

Simply unique - ENERTRAG is creating innovative technologies and products; hazard lighting systemns that only switch on if required, systems to control light brightness, systems to detect and report ice, and much more.