It's amazing really: just plug in and off you go. Cooking, washing, ironing, vacuuming. As an independent energy company, ENERTRAG generates electricity and heat exclusively from renewable sources and today numbers among the world’s largest wind energy suppliers.


ENERTRAG – in at the birth of wind energy in Germany and to this day still under owner management and independent. An interesting history that would not have been possible without a vision.

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Corporate Management

Who had that vision and planned the future with new ideas? The team that cannot do it all alone any longer and that would be nothing without its employees.

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Corporate areas

ENERTRAG not only services single wind turbines, but also the entire chain from concept to power delivery, not only for its own wind farms but for other companies as well.

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Jobs and future

No future without people. People that generate sustainable energy. At ENERTRAG, they number 460 by now. Help us by working with us.

Our locations

With more than 667 wind turbines, we produce approximately 2,9 billion kilowatt hours of electricity annually – enough to meet the demands of one million people.

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